Epi Peel Microdermabrasion Machines were designed in 1990 in Europe and redesigned in 2000 By MM Beauty Equipment P/L team with help of experienced Beauty Therapists and Medical Skin Specialist to create a world class equipment.

Epi Peel is superior to most of outdated machine on the market by its powerful suction, professional focus, reliability, state of art vaste filtration built in for lifetime, customer service and price. Epi Peel is sold by  microdermabrasion specialists not by an office full of sales agents who has no idea what to do if something would go wrong. We can actually fix it if necessary and also all other brand of Microdermabrasion machines sold in Australia. We know this technology inside out.

Machines operate by applying of strong controlled suction (vacuum). The machines were designed virtually maintenance  free , no parts needs to be regularly replaced by user what would increase your running cost. Just add crystals and treat. Healthy Calcium Based Crystals are supplied to Epi Peel users at very low price of $ 22.00/1.5kg-1L what usually lets you to perform  between 6-10 treatments .Epi Peel is used by many Medical Skin Care Centers and Beauty salons in Australia , New Zealand, USA, UK, Europe and Asia due its strenght ,reliability , professional focus and quality. In fact 30% of Epi Peel Sales is to Medical Professionals.

We offer additional DIAMOND HEADS for non crystal treatments as standard for  Epi Peel Crystals machines . This way Epi Peel can be used as a Crystal and Non Crystal based machine in one.

Main features:

  • Italian made industrial Vacuum Pump with 6,000 h lifetime 55 liter flow/min
  • Metal Hand Piece, 45 degree convenient treatment angle like holding a pencil
  • Top Quality Japanese Pneumatics Components
  • Locally designed and assebled since 2000
  • Built in State of Art 0.005 micron Vaste Container Filter for lifetime
  • Separate Crystal Flow Regulator - many machines  lack this important feature
  • Guaranteed service and parts

Analogue suction gauge for easy reading. 90% of all microdermabrasion machines use analogue gauges and there is a logical reason for that. Digital  pressure displays are not as visual and far not as responsive as analogue ones. Some other brands which has a digital gauge claims it is good for more precise pressure reading. Experienced operator knows there is no way and no need to measure the pressure during treatment precisely it constantly rapidly changes and it is most important to control the peaks. Digits are always just some numbers. Position of the analogue display will allow you to monitor these peaks just the best way like RPM gauges in cars. This is why 90+% machines have analogue displays including true Professional Medical DERMABRASION Machines.

  • Reasonable Priced with excellent service backup, 3 years full warranty
  • No periodical maintenance required
  • Healthy and Calcium Based crystals supplied by us - $ 25/1.5kg 

Can use ALODUR/DIAMOD/ALUMINIUM OXIDE CRYSTALS as well. However we do not support Aluminium Oxide at all. It is an industrial material with toxic characteristics, there are studies showing it can cause Alheirmes Disease, likes to absorb atmosperic moisture and clog the machines and is more expensive than our healthy Natural Pharmaceutical Grade Calcium based natural crystals.

Also Alodur leaves the skin more irritated/pinkish colour after each treatment.

EPI PEEL Mk3 ApoloMed Crystal and Diamond machine with LCD Screen

Colour wariation is possible 

EPI PEEL Mk3  Diamond only machine